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Public Courses

Public Courses

As one of the leading training companies in the field of PMO Management and Project Management, IPMO Advisory AG has successfully organized more than 300 public courses all over the world, including Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Australia and many other countries. Our world-renowned global team of experts, which is highly experienced in the PMO area and brings out the best of both academic and practical knowledge, has been successful in certifying more than 5000 professionals worldwide.

Currently, we are delivering our courses Virtually using an integrated Learning Management System (LMS) plus other technologies. We have developed a detailed process and a set of criteria to select the optimal training medium and to aid Learning and Development. We have successfully completed 2 years of Virtual training and accomplished the training goals of a number of professionals all over the world.

It’s possible, and we are optimistic, that soon our course attendees will take in-class training courses and continue to develop professionally and advance their career to achieve their goals and aspirations.


Public courses held


Professionals certified worldwide


Years of successful Virtual training with LMS

IPMO-Foundation, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, August 2022

IPMO-Expert, Virtual, September 2021

IPMO-Practitioner, Virtual, September 2021

IPMO-Practitioner, Virtual, August 2020

IPMO-Practitioner, Munich, Germany, September 2019

IPMO-Expert, Brisbane, Australia, July 2019

IPMO-Practitioner, Sydney, Australia, May 2019

IPMO-Practitioner, Doha, Qatar, September 2018

IPMO-Practitioner, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February 2018

IPMO-Expert, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, November 2018