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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Committed to the highest standards of business practice

At IPMO Advisory AG, which is part of the IPMO Group, we believe in leading with integrity and living up to the values. We are committed to the highest standards of business practice in its dealings with all stakeholders around the world and complying with applicable laws where ever it operates. We believe that each and every one of us have an important role to play in doing the right thing, even when the right thing is hard to do.






Why do we have a Code of Conduct?

Our Code of Conduct provides information about a number of policies and procedures to provide general guidance for business in its dealings with stakeholders.  It provides guidance to help us make ethical decisions at work. The principles of our Code should be at the core of every business decision we make. We are committed to winning with integrity.

Our policies:

  • We have zero tolerance for bribery/kickback, criminal conduct, and anti-competition, anti-trust, fraudulent, or corrupt business practices in any dealings at any time, or any other unethical practices.
  • We avoid any situation that creates a conflict of interest or that could even appear to create a conflict of interest. We will not enter into practices that could distort the market or knowingly create a conflict of interest.
  • We will price our work independently of any competitor and not communicate our methods or intention to bid to competitors or enter into any agreements with competitors or disclose information directly or indirectly which would distort competition.
  • We will not make donations to political organizations.
  • We promote safe working conditions and prohibit forced labor, child labor, and human trafficking.
  • We comply with all country and local laws where we do business.
  • We will not offer, directly or indirectly through a third party, anything of value to improperly obtain or retain business. Anything of value includes money, meals, event entrance fees, gifts, entertainment, transportation, travel, accommodations, donations, and sponsorships.
  • We prohibit employees from working under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which can create a safety hazard and affect the judgment.
  • We do not permit intentional acts by one or more individuals within the business, customers, suppliers, or other stakeholders to use deception or theft to gain an unjust or illegal advantage (Fraud). In some situations, serious negligence will be treated as equivalent to an intentional action.
  • We are committed to fostering an accepting and inclusive work environment. IPMO Advisory AG prohibits discrimination based on race, national origin, color, gender, marital status, religion, disability, gender identity, political belief, age, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.
  • IPMO Advisory AG works to create a positive workplace where employees are able to do their jobs without fear of harassment or discrimination. We will encourage all our employees to take an active role against all forms of discrimination and harassment. We will ensure going the extra mile so that every employee can rely upon our support in cases of discrimination or harassment at work, and speak up and report without any fear and retaliation.
  • IPMO Advisory AG will only employ or use staff who are appropriately vetted and have the proven right to work in the country of employment for the type of work being undertaken.
  • In the event of any breach in this Code of Conduct or supporting policy, IPMO Advisory AG will undertake a fair investigation. The employee(s) concerned will be subject to disciplinary action and the company may report the matter to the relevant authorities. Feedback on the progress of the investigation will be given to the person reporting the concern. Confidential reporting or clarifications of this and related policies can be made to: ethics@ipmo.group