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About Us

IPMO Advisory AG was founded in Switzerland in 2002 near Lake Zürich. We have evolved to be one of the leading training companies in the field of PMO Management and Project Management by combining Swiss excellence with a vast academic and research expertise through our partnership with AIPMO (Association of International Project Management Officers), SBS Swiss Business School, and other associations and academic institutions such as the Half Double Institute and Aarhus University.

We put the research driver “leading” industry standards into practice, where we deliver training and professional development solutions focused in and around PMO Management and the related domains of Project Management, Program Management, and Portfolio Management which is abbreviated to PPP Management. Our focus on PPP and PMO Management allows us to address related areas such as strategy, innovation, leadership, change, and PPP and PMO organizational design through the competencies of our educational and consulting resources. Our courses, consulting, and advisory assignments span continents and across all sectors.

Our philosophy is one of investigation, exploration, challenge, and implementation, which ensures that our clients are getting the advice and solutions they need to achieve their goals and aspirations.


IPMO Advisory AG, originally called SmartMoves AG, was founded in Zürich and focused on developing products around knowledge management. It was the only European company to offer Lotus Notes/Microsoft integration products and won runners-up to IBM’s best utilities award in Europe.


The company grew in Switzerland, offering CRM and Knowledge management products and consulting.


The focus changed to offer teaching, advisory in the field of project, and program and portfolio management in Europe and the Middle East.


IPMO Advisory partnered with AIPMO to support and offer certification courses in Switzerland.


All AIPMO certification courses are supported, including offering focus group sessions during the courses, to aid in AIPMO PMO research.


Introduced flexible training approach: in-class; virtual; hybrid (in-series)- mix of in-class and virtual; and hybrid (in-parallel)- using the concept of Hub, satellite, and virtual class groups.


Strategic Partners with Ramboll for PMO Management Advisory in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, based on the AIPMO Strategic Lifecycle frameworks/methods.

Founding of IPMO Consulting and IPMO Digital, tailored to fully support companies in their business lifecycle, by offering a diverse set of consulting and production services.


Strategic partnership with NEOM with the framework agreement. Launched 3 books in 2022.