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Tailored for your business needs, IPMO Group has a diverse portfolio of companies in several industries.

IPMO Advisory

Founded in Switzerland in 2002, represents the leading training, consulting, advisory, and PMO design and implementation companies in the field of PMO Management and Project Management.

IPMO Consulting

AIPMO maturity assessment approach focuses on PMO maturity based on the knowledge that PMOs act as a supply chain for projects and programs. PMOs add value by delivering the services

IPMO Digital

Next level marketing – focused on creating unique experiences for clients, bringing them closer their customers and presenting their brand in the best possible light through innovative marketing strategies.

IPMO Talent

IPMO Talent is focused on recruitment for Project/Program/Portfolio and PMO Management, finding the right fit for your organization.


Our Upcoming Courses

We offer much more than courses

IPMO-Practitioner, Live, Virtual, 11-15 Dec, 2022

11 - 15 Dec, 2022

Laurent Kummer

CF-IPMO, Live, Virtual, 19-21 Dec, 2022

19 - 21 Dec, 2022

Robert Joslin

SC-IPMO, Live, Virtual, 16-18 Jan, 2023

16 - 18 Jan, 2023

Robert Joslin

TT-IPMO, Live, Virtual, 23-25 Jan, 2023

23 - 25 Jan, 2023

Laurent Kummer

CF-IPMO, Live, Virtual, 13-15 Feb, 2023

13 - 15 Feb, 2023

Robert Joslin

SC-IPMO, Live, Virtual, 20-22 Feb, 2023

20 - 22 Feb, 2023

Robert Joslin

IPMO-Practitioner, Live, Virtual, 26 Feb-2 Mar, 2023

26 Feb - 02 Mar, 2023

Robert Joslin

IPMO-Practitioner, Doha, Qatar, 5-9 Mar, 2023

05 - 09 Mar, 2023

Robert Joslin

IPMO-Practitioner, Live, Virtual, 5-9 Mar, 2023

05 - 09 Mar, 2023

Robert Joslin


All what customers said about us

I come from project management background and want to set a PMO. So the IPMO-P course was very important for me, and just perfect. It was good to have participants from different countries and different fields.

Faiçal Maiach
Project Manager. ICAD-KSA

The IPMO-P course was very useful and full of information. I am looking forward to implement this in my organization, and definitely I will highly recommend this to my colleagues and people that are working in this field! 

Walid Taweli
Executive Manager, Qoot

I am not in the PMO field, but have been very interested. So the IPMO-P course gave me an opportunity to know a lot about it. Special thanks to the instructor!

Alaa Mahrus
Design Lead, Engineering & Technical Lead, The Royal Commission for AlUla

I will try to implement all the techniques and processes I learnt in the IPMO-P course. The case studies helped a lot in solving real life challenges that I had on my position. It was great!

Anthony Hallett
EPMO Consultant, FocusHQ

The AIPMO framework has a lot of potential. Our group was great, coming from various backgrounds and geographically diversified. I will definitely apply the framework implementation in my organization. 

Ashutosh Maurya
Project Management Office (PMO) Lead, Jacobs

The truth is that I feel stunned! The whole experience is like exiting a movie theater after a brilliant, immersive, and captivating movie. Thanks for these 5 wonderful days. It's only the beginning of what I see as a potentially very fruitful collaboration.

Frederic Casagrande
PMO Manager, NAWAH Energy Company

I guess anyone being serious in learning or building a career within a field is interested in a recognized training held by a subject matter experts. Attending the IPMO-P course was exactly that for me. Very soon after the training and certifications, I was offered a job to set up a PMO, the perfect opportunity to implement the gained practical and theoretical knowledge.

Jamak Rezaie
Delivery Lead, Avanade