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Our Team

Robert Joslin

Founder & CEO

Robert has a background in engineering and loves to design and build things. He has more than 20 years of experience in designing, initiating project, and program management delivery of large-scale business transformation, reengineering, infrastructure, and strategy. He has mentored and taught in many countries around the world, including various countries in Africa. He has won several prizes for ideas and product innovation.

Darko Boshkovski

Head of Professional Development Advisory

Darko has been in the company for more than 6 years. He holds a degree in Banking, Finance, and Audit. He is a team player who always strives to do better. He believes that teamwork and cooperation are vital for individual and organizational growth. For him, clients always come first, and he believes that human-to-human interactions lead to bigger and better corporation.

Thanya Wisetmuen

Finance Director

Thanya is a financial expert, who has successfully managed more than 40 people in the past. She is a team player and very good at client relationship management.  She speaks five languages and loves sports and Asian cooking. She once defeated a black-belt ex-Marine in a martial arts championship, and this just proves that she has a winning personality.

Lilly Paunova

Senior Professional Development Advisor

Lilly joined the company in 2018. After graduating in the IT and Business sector, she traveled the world for 5 years. During this period, she was part of big international projects, which ultimately led her to pursue a career in the world of PMO.  She has an innate ability to understand and meet her clients’ needs, and she prides herself in being viewed as a trusted advisor throughout this process. Her professional demeanor has always put her clients at ease. Lilly’s interests don’t end there – she is very passionate about fitness and healthy eating, as well as animal rights and exploring the world.

Rosana Milenkova

Professional Development Advisor

Rosana joined our team at IPMO Advisory in August 2021. Her experience in customer service has helped her a lot in recognizing the needs of our clients. Rosana sets herself apart with unrivaled work ethic and integrity. From the beginning of her career, she thrived and has sought opportunities that brought growth and experience. She believes that honesty and integrity are the golden standards in business. Attention to detail, effective communication, and a positive attitude are her recipe for success.

Irena Krdzic

Professional Development Advisor

Irena joined the company in 2021 as a Professional Development Advisor. She has a degree of Master of Science in the field of diplomacy and has quite an extensive knowledge in the particular area and beyond. Being her university’s group team leader and coordinator, she has had the privilege and opportunity to attend many conferences, seminars, and trainings that have added to her extensive knowledge, education, and experience. With a cheerful personality, positive attitude, and excellent communication skills, she loves to connect with people, travel and explore new places.

Simona Palankov

Professional Development Advisor

Simona joined IPMO Advisory in January 2023. She has multi-disciplinary experience across different roles: Marketing, Customer Support, and Market Research, where she led the end-to-end consumer experience, including developing new products, growing brand affinity and a user adoption. She is dedicated to creating successful and efficient user experience and making an impact in the working area. She has a passion for creative work, while investing in personal and professional goals.

Ritu Chandna


Ritu has worked in the publishing and computer software/consulting industry for 16 years. She has edited journals, books, magazines, and training content. She is an expert in designing and building glossaries and Lexicons and running workshops and leading projects. Ritu also creates content for PMO management books, articles, and case studies.

Lara M. Pair

Legal Advisor

Dr. jur. HSG Lara M. Pair, JD, LL.M., is an international legal specialist and former adjunct professor at Emory University Law School, UniMAIL Geneva, and the HSG MBA program, where she focused on international business transactions and alternative dispute resolution. She has published widely in the legal field in topics as diverse as arbitration, labor law, international business transactions, EU law, and debt collection. She is admitted to the Bars of Georgia, USA (since 2002), Frankfurt am Main, Germany (since 2008), and Zürich, Switzerland (since 2011). She holds a CAS in litigation and dispute resolution from Switzerland, an advanced degree in trusts, foundations, and company law from Liechtenstein, and a CAS in university didactics from Switzerland. She has also won several teaching awards. Since 2018, she is the managing partner of Pairfact Legal AG in Switzerland, where she focuses on her international clients. She serves as a member of the board for companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.