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IPMO-Practitioner, Live, Virtual, 9-13 Oct, 2022

09 - 13 Oct, 2022

Robert Joslin

TT-IPMO, Live, Virtual, 17-19 Oct, 2022

17 - 19 Oct, 2022

Robert Joslin

SC-IPMO, Live, Virtual, 7-9 Nov, 2022

07 - 09 Nov, 2022

Robert Joslin

IPMO-Practitioner, Live, Virtual, 4-8 Dec, 2022

04 - 08 Dec, 2022

Laurent Kummer

IPMO-Expert, Live, Virtual, 11-15 Dec, 2022

11 - 15 Dec, 2022

Robert Joslin

CF-IPMO, Live, Virtual, 19-21 Dec, 2022

19 - 21 Dec, 2022

Robert Joslin


All what customers said about us

I come from project management background and want to set a PMO. So the IPMO-P course was very important for me, and just perfect. It was good to have participants from different countries and different fields.

Faiçal Maiach
Project Manager. ICAD-KSA

The IPMO-P course was very useful and full of information. I am looking forward to implement this in my organization, and definitely I will highly recommend this to my colleagues and people that are working in this field! 

Walid Taweli
Executive Manager, Qoot

I am not in the PMO field, but have been very interested. So the IPMO-P course gave me an opportunity to know a lot about it. Special thanks to the instructor!

Alaa Mahrus
Design Lead, Engineering & Technical Lead, The Royal Commission for AlUla

I will try to implement all the techniques and processes I learnt in the IPMO-P course. The case studies helped a lot in solving real life challenges that I had on my position. It was great!

Anthony Hallett
EPMO Consultant, FocusHQ

The AIPMO framework has a lot of potential. Our group was great, coming from various backgrounds and geographically diversified. I will definitely apply the framework implementation in my organization. 

Ashutosh Maurya
Project Management Office (PMO) Lead, Jacobs

The truth is that I feel stunned! The whole experience is like exiting a movie theater after a brilliant, immersive, and captivating movie. Thanks for these 5 wonderful days. It's only the beginning of what I see as a potentially very fruitful collaboration.

Frederic Casagrande
PMO Manager, NAWAH Energy Company

I guess anyone being serious in learning or building a career within a field is interested in a recognized training held by a subject matter experts. Attending the IPMO-P course was exactly that for me. Very soon after the training and certifications, I was offered a job to set up a PMO, the perfect opportunity to implement the gained practical and theoretical knowledge.

Jamak Rezaie
Delivery Lead, Avanade